Angie Hranowsky

Lady in a Turban

April 27, 2011

Well, it looks like the Lady in a Turban found a fabulous new home!

When Lindsay Bierman at Coastal Living magazine asked me to design their 2009 Idea Home I of course accepted. The next thing I did was call Molly B. Right and ask if she would create one of her amazing bottle cap portraits for the house. I delved into my research and laid out my palette and concepts for Molly, including paintings from Matisse's Moroccan period as well as pictures of Caribbean and island women. I told her I wanted a lady with a turban and left it at that. I knew she would create the perfect portrait... and she did. The portrait did not sell with the house, but a few months ago it found a permanent home with one Ms. Tyra Banks in New York City. According to Tyra, she can't stop staring at it, and I know exactly what she means. Molly's work is mesmerizing. I have my own thoughts about what I might commission Molly to do for me one day. In the mean time I'm sure the Lady in a Turban is enjoying her new digs.