Angie Hranowsky

Inspired By: Mexico City

March 11, 2013

As I'm thinking about where to travel next, Mexico City being high on my list, I am drawn to artists like Cuban born Jorge Pardo. As a painter, sculptor, designer and architect his work explores the crossroads between design and fine art. A while back I fell hard for a house that he designed for a client in Naguabo, Puerto Rico. It's rich in color and texture, combining the classic and the contemporary. He leaves most of the concrete structure open, wrapping it in red metal screens instead of glass, creating a blood red swimming pool and shifting the color of the floor tiles from yellow at the front of the house to blue at the back. This house pushes the boundaries as does all of his work.

Untitled 2006. 22k gold leaf diptych print on handmade paper.

Art Installation in Berlin