Angie Hranowsky

Inspired By: Backgammon in the Pool

July 22, 2014

How decadent is this? Imagine wasting a hot day away lounging in an aquamarine pool playing backgammon. I have a vintage backgammon table, but I won't be plopping its wood frame in the pool anytime soon! Although what I really want to find is a super hip hotel where backgammon in pools is a prerequisite. Know of one? Send it my way...



Print by Slim Aarons



Image via Plaid Not Paisley





1970s Parsons Backgammon Table found on 1st Dibs


Alice Temperley Bead Backgammon Table by Alexandra Llewellyn Design


Travel Backgammon by Fredericks & Mae


Charles Hollis Jones Backgammon Table found on 1st Dibs


Oriental Mother of Pearl Backgammon Table found on Etsy


Paul Evans Backgammon Table found on 1st Dibs

Inspired By: Louisville

April 08, 2013

This week you're getting a little peak into my hometown of Louisville. I've been feeling sentimental and a little righteous the last few days due to the incredible talent of my home town basketball team. What a heart felt week they've had. I hope they kick some ass tonight. They deserve it.

Go Cards!

Serkan Ozkaya's David in front of the 21c Museum Hotel.

One of Robert Indian's Love sculptures at 21c.

Jonathan Schipper's “Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle”, a kinetic sculpture installed in front of the Garage Bar in NuLu. 

Heine Brothers Coffee.

Movable type, an interactive exhibit at 21c.

Bike sculpture in downtown Louisville.

Outdoor ping pong at Garage Bar.

The work of Luis Gispert currently showing at Proof on Main.

The Muhammad Ali Center.

David being transported.


Inspired By: Mexico City

March 11, 2013

As I'm thinking about where to travel next, Mexico City being high on my list, I am drawn to artists like Cuban born Jorge Pardo. As a painter, sculptor, designer and architect his work explores the crossroads between design and fine art. A while back I fell hard for a house that he designed for a client in Naguabo, Puerto Rico. It's rich in color and texture, combining the classic and the contemporary. He leaves most of the concrete structure open, wrapping it in red metal screens instead of glass, creating a blood red swimming pool and shifting the color of the floor tiles from yellow at the front of the house to blue at the back. This house pushes the boundaries as does all of his work.

Untitled 2006. 22k gold leaf diptych print on handmade paper.

Art Installation in Berlin


Pattern Play in Miami

December 03, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Miami, a city that always gets my creative juices flowing. While walking the design district and hitting my favorite vintage stores and just soaking up my time at The Standard hotel I was constantly inspired by the patterns and textures that surrounded me.

Inspired By: Vieques Island

July 25, 2012

It's been a pretty busy couple of months and I'm hoping to get back to some consistent blogging very soon. In the mean time I took the most wonderfully relaxing vacation last week with my best friend to Vieques, off the coast of Puerto Rico. I love traveling and getting inspired and I was hoping to post photos via Facebook and Instagram to document my trip in real time, but this island was so remote that I didn't get reception. What a treat that turned out to be... a real vacation! We stayed at the very modern and very cool Hix Island House. Below are some of my favorite sites and shots. Enjoy!

In case you weren't sure which bathroom to use at the Hix Island House pool...

Alison and I always manage to pick up a cat on vacation.

A quick stop by the new W resort on Vieques.

Inspired By: All That Glitters in NYC

April 25, 2012

I love my trips to NYC! This time I got to attend the book party for Susanna Salk's new book, Be Your Own Decorator: Taking Inspiration from Today's Top Designers, in which I was happy to be included. Apparently I couldn't get enough of shiny, reflective surfaces while I was there, whether it be jewelry or clothing racks.

1stdibs showroom at the New York Design Center
Barneys CO-OP
Diane von Furstenberg
Barneys CO-OP
Barneys CO-OP
1stdibs showroom at the New York Design Center
Diane von Furstenberg
Our fabulous hotel! The Nolitan.

The Miller House + The Remarkable Trio

November 30, 2011

Over Thanksgiving, while visiting my family in Indianapolis, I finally got a chance to visit the recently opened to the public Miller House & Gardens in Columbus, Indiana. Columbus has long been a mecca for modern architecture thanks to local visionary businessman, J. Irwin Miller.

In 1952 Miller commissioned Eero Saarinen, Alexander Girard and landscape architect, Dan Kiley to design his personal residence where he lived with his family for over 50 years. The stone and glass house is one of the greatest residences of the mid-20th century. Walking into the house today the architecture and interiors are timeless. The built-in tulip dining table is a precursor to the famous Saarinen Tulip table and the sunken conversation pit was the first of its kind. Saarinen's architecture is stunning, his use of marble walls and terrazzo floors are seamless from indoors to out. I am in love with the way Girard juxtaposed clean lines and cold surfaces with antique rugs, custom furniture and rich, colorful ethnic textiles.

Columbus, IN and the Miller House are architectural gems, worth a trip even if you don't have family in Indy.

California Love

November 17, 2011

I just spent a little time in Los Angeles with my dear friend Susan, too little actually, but it was inspiring and tons of fun! Lots of scouting, shopping, great food and a trip to the Rose Bowl flea market. I'm already feeling the pull to go back... here's a peek into my whirlwind trip.

I adore this store! Roseark and it's uber stylish jewelry designer and owner, Kathy Rose, first caught my eye on I am coveting her gold double tail cuff bracelet, but I walked away with a beautiful gold tattoo ring on this trip.

The most amazing selection of vintage clothing at The Way We Wore.

A Sister Corita Kent screenprint at the Rose Bowl flea market.

My friend Nepita's VW van just before we flew out.

Andy's Summer

August 01, 2011

While visiting my uber-cool best friend, Alison Oliver, in NYC in May I got to see the temporary statue of Andy Warhol by Rob Pruitt everyday in Union Square. Since then she has been sending me more pictures from around the city. It appears that Andy is having a popular summer in the big apple.