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Studio Four NYC + Angie Hranowsky

February 05, 2015

The countdown is on for the launch of our very own wallpaper line with Studio Four NYC! We are heading to New York this week for the is a peek into some of the planning. Seeing something come to life that started with my paint brush is satisfying in a whole new way. Stay tuned for the full line and we will let you know as soon as it is available for purchase! A special thank you to Haskell Harris of Garden and Gun and Jennifer Boles of the Peak of Chic for the wallpaper love last week xo





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On the Market

March 13, 2013

I'm over the moon to dive into another fun project with my dear friend Carolyn Evans, author of Forty Beads, this time renovating an amazing mid-century house complete with original parquet floors and floor to ceiling glass walls overlooking the pool. We designed her previous home, a beautiful single row house in downtown Charleston, which was featured in Southern Living and is now on the market. You can see the listing and check out the entire house here. I have a feeling it won't last long.


My Fun Q&A with Tami Ramsay

June 11, 2012

Tami Ramsay is my kind of girl. She's creative, smart, fun and driven. It's been a pleasure getting to know her so I was thrilled when she asked if I would do a little Q & A. Her blog is full of design treasures and resources and not to be missed!

Design Bureau

July 05, 2011

Design Bureau is one of my favorite design magazines. They cover everything from architecture and product design to fashion and typography. Naturally, I was thrilled when they asked to feature my work. They chose to focus on my use of pattern, texture and color and asked me to pull together some selections as though I was designing a space specifically for them, and of course that's always fun!

High Style with Lonny

May 11, 2011

Love me some Lonny magazine! Just like everyone else, I anxiously await each inspiring issue. I was so excited when Michelle Adams called me last fall to ask if they could feature my work. Fast forward a few months and they turned one of my favorite homes into a beautiful feature. Of course it helps to have the ideal client, whom I now call a very close friend, to bring the story to life. Thank you Lonny and thank you Daphne! Find the rest of the story here.

Marysia's Must Have Series

May 02, 2011

I could go on and on about this fab swimwear designer. She is fun, beautiful and sooo talented. Of course I wish she was still here in Charleston, but NYC was calling . Her flirty, retro inspired suits have been featured in too many magazines to count, including the most recent Sports Illustrated. Bumby, her children's line is over the top precious and my daughter, Loulou, has the Paula. Marysia asked if I would share some of my summer favorites as part of her most recent blog series, Monday Must Haves, and how could I resist. I LOVE her blog and I LOVE summer!

Lady in a Turban

April 27, 2011

Well, it looks like the Lady in a Turban found a fabulous new home!

When Lindsay Bierman at Coastal Living magazine asked me to design their 2009 Idea Home I of course accepted. The next thing I did was call Molly B. Right and ask if she would create one of her amazing bottle cap portraits for the house. I delved into my research and laid out my palette and concepts for Molly, including paintings from Matisse's Moroccan period as well as pictures of Caribbean and island women. I told her I wanted a lady with a turban and left it at that. I knew she would create the perfect portrait... and she did. The portrait did not sell with the house, but a few months ago it found a permanent home with one Ms. Tyra Banks in New York City. According to Tyra, she can't stop staring at it, and I know exactly what she means. Molly's work is mesmerizing. I have my own thoughts about what I might commission Molly to do for me one day. In the mean time I'm sure the Lady in a Turban is enjoying her new digs.

Q&A on Look Linger Love

March 14, 2011

Look Linger Love is one of my new favorite blogs and after meeting Chassity through a mutual friend recently I was smitten. She is adorable, fun and clearly doing something right as she has quite the following. I was thrilled when she asked if she could do a Q & A with me and even more excited when I got her questions. It was fun to mix it up a bit. You will surely want to check out her daily musings of all things stylish.

Sophia's Vintage Suzani

March 10, 2011

I'm currently designing a little girl's bedroom, which is so fun. Her name is Sophia, she's three and adorable with wispy blond hair and big blue eyes. I can't wait for you to see it, but in the mean time while concepting for her room I decided upon a vintage suzani that I'm going to use to make big pillows for the twin beds. What I didn't realize when I ordered it was that it was actually coming from Uzbekistan. So you can imagine my delight when I got to work and saw this beautiful package. Simple, but nothing like the way we package here in the states. No tape, just brown craft paper, simply tied off with string and finished with a wax seal, yes a wax seal. The receipt is on some sort of newsprint which was nicely folded and stapled around the string and it made it here without so much as a scuff mark. It sat here for almost two days before I opened it. I just kept staring at it and thinking I want it to stay just like that. Eventually my office mate and I scurried to take pictures before the big unveiling. The suzani of course is exquisite and will be perfect in little Sophia's new room. 

The New Look of Old Charleston

February 18, 2011

I am fortunate to have some truly terrific clients, so much so that they often turn into friendships. That was the case when I met Carolyn Evans. We had our first meeting and we were instant friends. We had a ball working on her beautiful Charleston single house and when Lindsay Bierman, editor in chief at Southern Living, called me last year to see if I might have any upcoming projects I knew Carolyn & Ray's house would be perfect. Carolyn is quite the woman herself, singer/songwriter and author of the new book, 40 Beads: The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage, which will be available April 26th. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her soon.

For the rest of the article you can pick up the March issue of Southern Living, on stands now, read part of the story online or go to my portfolio for more photos.