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January 30, 2015

Afro Painting

Morris Louis' Color Field

January 20, 2015

"I think that we realized that you didn't have to assert yourself as a personality in order to be personally expressive. We felt that we could deal solely with aesthetic issues, with the meaning of abstraction, without sacrificing individuality - or quality." - Kenneth Noland, referring to himself and Morris Louis. Morris Louis was an American painter most prominently known for his contribution to Color Field Painting. His depth and use of color are truly captivating and almost peaceful, but I will let the work speak for itself.

Morris-Louis-Beta-Alpha-1961_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogBeta Alpha 1961

Morris-Louis-Doubt-1959_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogDoubt 1959

Seal-by-Moriss-Louis-1959Seal 1959

Morris-Louis-the-Distance-of-Time-1952_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogThe Distance of Time 1952

Point-of-TranquilityPoint of Tranquility

Morris-Louis-Where-1960_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogWhere 1960

Morris-Louis-Tet-1958_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogTet 1958


Morris-Louis-Omga-III-1959-1960_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogOmega III 1959-1960

Morris-Louis-Delta-Theta-1961_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogDelta Theta 1961

Morris-Louis-Dalet-Zayin-1950_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogDalet Zayin 1950

Untitled-1954Untitled 1954

Morris-Louis-Untitled-Head-Study-1938_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogHead Study 1938

Morris-Louis-Intrigue-1954_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogIntrigue 1954

Morris-Louis-Number-1-39-1962_Angie-Hranowsky-BlogNumber 1-39 1962

A Welcome Inspiration

January 07, 2015

I kicked off the new year by going out with a bang. I traveled to Morocco for 7 killer, amazing and immensely inspiring days. Cheers to a fabulous 2015!

Door 1

Door 10

Door 9

Door 8

Door 7

Door 6

Door 5

Door 4

Door 12

Door 2

Door 3