Angie Hranowsky

When the Shoe Fits

January 28, 2011

Fendi/Cote Sud
Azzedine Alaia/Evan Snyderman R20th Century via UK Elle Decor


Giuseppe Zanotti/Elle Decor
Bally/French Elle Decor
Longchamp/Inside Out

Alexander McQueen/UK Elle Decor

Azzedine Alaia/UK Elle Decor

Giorgio Armani/UK Elle Decor
Gianmarco Lorenzi/Elle Decor

Marc Jacobs/Bran Floyd via Elle Decor

Givenchy/Kevin Haley via House & Garden

Miu Miu/French Elle Decor

Lanvin/Nate Berkus via Elle Decor
Alexander McQueen/Tina Kominou

Sit, Please

January 20, 2011

I'm not sure why I'm so drawn to portraiture in art. Maybe it's all of the questions that it brings to mind. Where were they? Who were they? Did they sit for it or was it painted from a photograph? Were they created in the artist's mind? We all have a story. What was theirs? I don't, however, particularly care for stuffy or realistic portraits. I like them more original, sometimes even abstract. Here you will find an array, some of which are in my own collection and a couple that I covet. 
Billie Holiday by Molly B. Right

 Mid-century acrylic by Homero Herrera
 Untitled, 2009 by Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)

The private collection of China Machado courtesy of W magazine.
China Machado 1960's by Geoffrey Holder

Mid-century acrylic by Homero Herrera

Mid-century Oil by Virginia Jensen

My daughter Loulou in front of one of my favorite portraits.

Michelle Obama by Carter Kustera
(I have two of his silhouettes of my own children and I love them)

 Mid-century watercolor by Vera Lount

Abstract portrait by Peter Brandes

Just Like 1985

January 09, 2011

Not really, but I'm loving all of these vibrant colors. Color plays a big role in my work and my life. It's probably the one thing that people comment on most when referring to my work. Like anyone I have my favorites, purple and turquoise to be specific, but I love the entire spectrum. Color mixing comes naturally for me, but I also don't think there is any wrong color. It's really how you play them off of one another. I recently designed an instant room for an upcoming issue of House Beautiful and used yellow, hot pink, dark blue and shades of purple. Now it seems that everywhere I look I am gravitating to these bold and vibrant colors. I love all things retro and right now these colors are making me love the 80's.

French Elle Decor November 2010

Cute Couple Heel from Mod Cloth